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About Us

Advanced Scouting Service is a complete wrap-around service that is committed to the development and placement of exceptional scholar-athletes.  Our mission includes training and development, identification, showcasing, award recognition, and advocating for exceptional athletes and scholar-athletes that aspire to play at the next level. 


We believe that athletic ability is a skill that is worthy of recognition and should be taken into account even for students who do not receive full athletic scholarships.  We are committed to our “community of athletes” and “community of coaches” to facilitate opportunities for engagement and participating in college going atmosphere that extends for beyond athletics.  

We are more than just a recruiting website and database.  We support the development of the whole student-athlete and offer private academic and athletic scholarships for athletes that meet specific academic and athletic criteria.  Our service is ideal for athletes at all levels, including Post Grad (Prep), Junior College, NAIA, Division I, Division II, and Division III.   So we encourage athletes at all performance levels to take advantage by joining our scholar-athlete database and access available opportunities.

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